Welcome to the home of The Divine Ms. M world renowned Psychic Medium and Oracle for the earth liberation movement. Ms. M has worked exclusively on global transformation as an interdimensional telepath, remote viewer and psychic intuitive relaying mission critical information to the liberation front on the ground as a liaison to the Lemurian Council and Galactic High Council. She is now sharing her gifts with the world to help others dealing with grief, individuals seeking clarity and those ready to take the next step on the Ascension path. She is a fully conscious medium, medical intuitive, energy worker, sound healer and human divining rod. She has contributed as a consultant in criminal investigations, worked with medical professionals to accurately diagnose medical issues and has helped recovery specialist to locate missing artifacts. Ms M. is a true Renaissance woman, a multimedia artist, visionary entrepreneur and Actionist dedicated to building a better world.

Once you’ve booked a Session with me there is little to no preparation necessary, you may like to send me a brief note if there is a specific area you’d like to focus on so we can best utilize our time together. It is beneficial to have at least a few questions in mind for our session because it helps guide the spirits and maintains a steady flow of information. If you truly want to enjoy your experience and receive the most information possible it’s best to come with an open heart and an open mind and remember to be patient and kind.

Some things get lost in translation especially when we are communicating across dimensions. It is not uncommon to experience Psychic Shock making it difficult to understand the significance of a message from your loved ones until after our session has ended. I have received countless messages from previous clients who made the connection or confirmed and validated information that was shared after our session.

It’s best to be in a quiet place and not have any distractions during your session. Please confirm that you have the correct contact information at least 15 minutes prior to your session whether we are connecting via telephone or Skype. All services must be paid in full prior to your scheduled appointment time. All appointment times are based on the Arizona Time Zone that changes in the Spring and Fall. If you are in a different Time Zone please confirm your appointment time and if you are calling from abroad please keep in mind that the U.S. runs on a 12 hour time system and all services are offered during our PM hours.

Thank you for taking the time prepare I look forward to connecting with you, your loved ones and your guides!

Ms. M

How to Book a Divine Experience

All Sessions are billed by the hour unless otherwise specified. I offer a variety of services and we can focus on whatever suits your personal goals during that hour from any of the services above, excluding those with special pricing. Once you’ve selected a service and chosen an available appointment time you can request to Book via email [email protected] or text message (831) 275-0286. When your request is approved you will receive a confirmation and Paypal request. All invoices must be settled prior to your reading.

By Phone (30 Minute Minimum)..................…$75.00/30min $150.00/hr

In Person (60 Minute Minimum)............................................$225.00/hr

What Happens if you need more time?

If you’ve booked a session and find you have just one or two more questions don’t worry I can accommodate your request if time allows.

Additional Minutes

By Phone…………………………………………………….$2.50 a Minute

In Person………....………………………………………….$3.75 a Minute

Joanna C

RN, Metaphysician

Magen is a warm, compassionate, and very competent & gifted psychic medium. I’ve had two readings in which she connected with loved ones, (including my beloved dog!), and confirmed many things I was feeling within myself. The guidance she provided was realistic, sound, and encouraging as it applied to my soul’s journey which is changing. After speaking with her, I felt like I could proceed more confidently, and it shifted my consciousness in the right direction so that some magical synchronicities lined up for me. Additionally, the interviews and information provided on Deepdisclosure.com, I find to be practical, very rich in content. They are completely focused on Unity, and truly creating a New Earth in which we all prosper in multidimensional ways.

Reuben Lelah, Psy.D.,

Loving Service Foundation

It is important for those seeking the services of a psychic medium to understand that they only see what they see, they are not omniscient or necessarily accurate. It is for the recipient of the medium's services to determine their usefulness, helpfulness and accuracy. Magen does not claim to be omniscient and I have experienced her to be honest and careful through my being privy to now seven different readings of both adults and children. The readings have been insightful and helpful and I would recommend her services for those seeking deeper understandings that the broader perspective of spirit has to offer.

Dr. Jerry B

I recently had the opportunity to have a reading from Magen. As with anything, I use discernment to determine if what I am being told "works" for me. I found Magen's ability to access friends and family who have passed on no less than amazing. She was able to talk with them and give me information they wanted to share with me. Her read of my relationship with each of them was spot on, verifying to me she was actually communicating with those people. Magen remotely did a medical scan for me. Even though she had never met me, she accurately identified issues that were going on, some which have been resolved and some that still exist. I was very impressed with her ability. We talked about my spiritual journey, past and present. I resonated with the information she gave me. It provided insight in what is going one in my life and what I can do differently. I have referred several friends to her and they were equally impressed. As she tells me, it is not her that is providing the information. She only opens the doors to friends, family and guides who are not on this plane of existence. They give the information. Her delivery is kind and she is a joy to talk to. I am grateful for the experience and I have no hesitation recommending her
  • Rising Above Duality

    We are collectively marching towards oneness with our consciousness and rising above the duality that has defined us for far to long. This transition into a Golden Age has been thousands of years in the making, with so many moving parts it is a modern day Miracle and evidence of our collective consciousness. I am so thrilled and humbled to be a part of this revolution but a myth has taken hold of our movement and our community and we need to rise above it.

    The myth I’m referring to is the Rapture myth that has evolved into a lovely story that further separates us. I can’t tell you how many times I have cringed hearing beautiful, compassionate spiritual people speak about the separation between the conscious community and the sleeping masses. I have listened to my community speak of a culling, calling it a “cleansing” with a blase attitude towards human life that is the antithesis of the message we came to spread amongst the hearts of humanity.

    It is obvious that we are in a time of great transition from the old paradigm to the new world, a world meant for all of us. The new world does not exclude those taking their first steps down the path. We are sovereign beings who have a right to walk the path of consciousness at a pace that suits the evolution of our individual souls. Unity and oneness are keys to unlocking the mysteries of the multiverse and the more we embrace this Rapture myth the farther we stray from the path of righteousness.

    I’ve heard it told that the new earth is only for those who have “taken the leap”, those who are worthy of such a place. The reality is the only new earth there is, is the one we are building together. We like to refer to ourselves as lightworkers and way showers, but whom is it we are showing the way to enlightenment, whom is it we are illuminating the path for? If we determine no one is worthy we are not lightworkers or wayshowers we are being judgemental and embracing a false reality of superiority. For on that day that we are judged by ourselves on the other side it will be on the content of our character, the integrity of our actions and the compassion of our hearts not by the name we know god.   

    I understand that many of us came here on a mission and we are tired and overwhelmed by what appears to be an insurmountable task, but I implore you to recognize the victories we have obtained big or small on this march towards freedom as pillars of the spiritual revolution. I ask that we find compassion in our hearts for the very people we came here to help who like us are spiritual beings having a human experience. Coming to a third density reality with higher dimensional consciousness is a gift to be shared, not to lord over our brothers and sisters who need our help. We came with the knowledge we needed to propel us into a new way of being, so instead of judging those who are not early adapters, let us roll up our sleeves and fulfill our mission so that our souls may too move closer to the love and light of oneness and full enlightenment.

    In the words of our heavenly brother Sai Baba remember always “When we are one, then we are done.”

  • Eating For Health and Frequency

    I’ve previously discussed the importance of what you put on your body but I think it’s time to discuss what we’re putting in our bodies. I have learned a lot about how the food we eat affects our bodies during my work as a medical intuitive. The illnesses many of us suffer from are directly related to our environment and the food we eat. Almost every person I read as a medical intuitive is suffering from inflammation, digestive issues and hormonal imbalances, many more are dealing with nerve damage, thyroid diseases and circulation issues. So why are we so sick?

    The truth is our environment has become toxic and the food we eat is leaving us nutrient deficient and therefore vulnerable to a host of chronic and mystery illnesses. I myself a child of the 80’s and 90’s grew up in the era of convenience food and have been dealing with the consequences of this eating style and paying the price with my body ever since. Under the guidance of spirit I have learned how to heal my body naturally without invasive measures by adopting a nutrient rich diet, eating style and supplement regimen.

    I’ve learned a lot about the interconnections of seemingly separate medical issues which are actually symptoms of one underlying issue. I would estimate a third of the U.S. my home country is carrying a virus that has been slowly deteriorating many of our systems leaving us sick, confused and hopeless. The individuals I read including myself were dealing with liver inflammation, nerve damage, hormonal issues, dizziness, chronic fatigue, vertigo and many more debilitating symptoms. There was also a commonality in when these symptoms began, following physical or emotional trauma or times of extreme stress on the physical body.

    I will state now that I have no medical background, but we do live in the information age and as my own symptoms progressed and I continued to see others suffer I knew I needed answers. I decided to do a little research after diagnosing a young boy with the help of spirit with the Epstein Barr Virus. I finally had the answer to something that had plagued me for my entire adult life and the majority of my childhood. Spirit had been showing me how to connect the dots and had finally given me the name I needed to vanquish this demon.

    The simple answer for how to put this virus to rest once and for all is to detox with an emphasis on the liver, boost the immune system and most importantly stop feeding it. At the behest of spirit just over a year ago I adopted a vegan diet and I haven’t looked back. I am not suggesting you do the same or that this is the only way to get well but your healing will progress at a much faster rate if you do and here is why. Our livers are not designed to withstand our high protein, high fat diet. Nor are we getting the biodiversity necessary to bring our bodies back to homeostasis. I will now go a step further and say spirit did not push me into a vegan diet for my health alone it was a decision based on frequency. They explained to me that food has a life force and the frequency of a plant based diet is much higher than the consumption of animal products especially with the modern invention of factory farms. Eating in this way I would not only stop contributing to the suffering of animals but I would be helping to heal mother earth from the destruction our modern diets have caused.

    We have so much potential as individuals to make a global impact by changing our habits of consumption. Even adopting moderation in how much of these animal products you consume will make a difference to your health and to the environment. Many of us desire to see a better way life and we must commit to raising the bar and setting a standard for others to follow, for we are the wayshowers and together we can build a better world.

    If you would like to know more about your individual health and how to get your body back on track contact me for a session now. I also recommend the documentary What the Health? And the work of Anthony Williams the Medical Medium.

  • Amplifying Your Divine Connection

    One of the first things people ask me when I share what I do is how they can increase their own intuition or psychic skills and this is one way to get started.

    You need to think of your body as your instrument and it’s important what you put on it as well as in it. There are often a lot of psychological factors when it comes to changing your diet (we’ll talk more about that later) so it can be a lot easier to change the products you use in your home and on your body.

    Synthetic fragrances and chemicals pollute our temples, disconnect us from nature and block our natural abilities. Our skin is not a suit of armour it is porous, if it can absorb medication through topical creams and transdermal patches, it can also absorb all the toxins in your products and cleaning supplies.

    So for a simple solution to not only improve your spiritual connection and intuition but your health and overall well being switch to natural hair, body products and cleaners, for you and your pets if you have them. Use essential oils and products made with them.

    Did you know our olfactory system has the strongest connection to our memories and emotions and only essential oils have an effect on us? Did you also know that synthetic fragrances are known carcinogens and can build up in our bodies coating our lungs and destroying our livers?

    The cost of people and planet friendly products have become extremely competitive with the toxic brands you may be more familiar with. Change can be difficult and the struggle is real with brand loyalty but I assure you the major corporations distributing the products in most households across the US have no loyalty to you. It is a misconception that you need to sterilize your home and body with harsh toxic chemicals.

    Here are some of the brands I’ve used over the years that are easy to find and affordable.

    For hair and body I of course love Eufora products. I had the honor of working with this company for nearly a decade and many of them can be used for hair and body. If you simply can’t afford salon professional products visit your local natural grocers or natural section of your grocery store and choose from the many affordable options.

    I love Dr Bronner’s, Acure, Alba, EO, Sappo Hill and Everyone products as well.

    For cosmetics Zulu, Lush, Mineral Fusion, Pacifica and 100 % Pure are wonderful high performance natural products.

    For household cleaners I’ve used Full Circle, 7th generation, Ecover, and other organic store brands for all of my cleaning needs.

    I make my own wearable aromatherapy with essential oils and soon you’ll be able to purchase them directly from the Divine Ms. M Boutique.

    So remember what you put on you is as important as what you put in you. Take care of your temple for your health and for your spiritual connection.